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Active Triathlon Series Race

  After being selected for the Triathlon Victoria team for the 2016/17 triathlon season, it was my third and final race of the Active Melbourne Tri Series for the season. With the race being held in Mordialloc in Melbourne, it... Continue Reading →

Ramadan (the month to get fit)

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the name of the ninth month of the Muslim year. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, which means no eating and no drinking. The idea is to take time from our busy daily life and... Continue Reading →

Will the Baltic States Be Around in 20 Years?

Throughout time the Baltic region has been a devastating mixing pot of religion, war, and social conquest, and the recent stabilisation of the Baltic states may not last in the near future. It was only when the great Soviet Empire... Continue Reading →


The Masked Zamboni! reads your horoscopes. Aries, the Ram: April 19 to May 13 You’ll discover something quite unexpected while digging in your garden later this month.  Who would have thought to find an unexploded and live bomb in your... Continue Reading →

Make a Difference to Your Campus With ENACTUS

If you saw someone leave a brown paper bag from The Hub on a bench, would you step up and say something? How about if you saw someone step on a small plant, whether or not that personrealised their mistake?... Continue Reading →

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