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Short Fiction

End of the Day

It’s late. The air is chilly and the wind blows. My muscles shiver at the contact and my skin erupts with a continuous stream of goose bumps; my hair also stands to attention, although it doesn’t last long with the... Continue Reading →

Ladies Who Lunch

by Tanya Bird My husband knows her as Perfect Kate. We know three Kates, but only this one looks well-slept and slightly bronzed at all times. This Kate supports charities for illnesses that I have never heard of and wears... Continue Reading →


There is a path in my backyard. I don’t know where it leads and that is why I love it. What I love most is the feeling of adventure I get when I glance upon it. Sometimes I sit cross-legged... Continue Reading →

A Country Serial

Johnny leaned back a little and smiled; he loved this part.  He tilted his foot forward and the rumble of the engine thickened in his chest as the black Chevy convertible gained speed. His narrowed his eyes against the flicker... Continue Reading →

Everyday Horror

You feel a weight upon your chest. Even before you open your eyes, you can smell the putrid breath of some creature. It is rank with the decaying flesh of those that it has consumed, it makes the hairs on... Continue Reading →

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