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The All-Nighter’s Guilt

  Tick tock, tick tock I hear the second hand of the clock As frustrating as writer's block I can't seem to write a word I gaze out the window, oh look a bird!   The deadline is near I... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Misdirected — felt distant, inept unaware of where to next   Waves crossing a pebbly shore, bubbled out, wobbled — Through the air wind catches Soft music playing — not acquiescently   Come before, existed for a while — Born... Continue Reading →

Plight of Change

Voices scream it out For all who listen with open ear, Tales of all different kinds. All those daring, fierce and brave, Change the small and big Things, petty and important too — we’re Aiming to live in the light... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Confession

When did my academic flair disappear? It flew away some time ago and has been far-gone since. I try so hard but it’s not ever just right To find the answer to the question asked. I can’t go back, The... Continue Reading →

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