Tick tock, tick tock

I hear the second hand of the clock

As frustrating as writer’s block

I can’t seem to write a word

I gaze out the window, oh look a bird!


The deadline is near

I fill with fear

I have put this off for too long

I do this every time, it’s so wrong

So much distraction

I must take action.


I wish to rest my head

But there is no time for bed

I suddenly get an idea

Do I still have enough time? Oh dear.


I quickly begin to type and scrawl

Will I make it? I may bawl

A bead of sweat drips down my face

Against the clock, I race.


To my surprise

The sun begins to rise

It took all my might

But I finished by morning light

I submit and I sigh

Another assessment comes by

Left till the last day again

Why do I put myself through this pain?


My stomach begins to churn

I guess I’ll never learn

One is done, it’s over, it’s through

Now it is time for round two.


Words by Alisha Hendrick