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Iโ€™ve been thinking a lot about emojis, and itโ€™s not just because Iโ€™m a thrilling, up-to-the-minute individual โ€” to be honest itโ€™s probably because I spend way too much time on Reddit. I spend a lot of time thinking about... Continue Reading →

The Little Glass Sun

Night and day has stopped coming and going. This little world is white and too bright and too soft. I no longer fall into the stupor called sleep. I remain awake because the little glass sun never sets.   I... Continue Reading →

The National Broadband Network: is it just a national nuisance?

It seems there isnโ€™t a day without the National Broadband Network (NBN) being the topic of conversation. Lately, itโ€™s been getting dragged through the mud more often than emphasised as a move in the right direction, and rightfully so. Since... Continue Reading →

The All-Nighter’s Guilt

ย  Tick tock, tick tock I hear the second hand of the clock As frustrating as writer's block I can't seem to write a word I gaze out the window, oh look a bird!   The deadline is near I... Continue Reading →

What Will the University Look Like in the Future?

  After the rousing reception that my previous article looking towards the past received, I turn my blurry eyes to the future of higher education, and what FedUni will look like after we are all long gone. Of course, it... Continue Reading →

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